Kiss & Tell Valentine's Day Show

Mon, Feb 14, 2022

Kiss & Tell Valentine's Day Show

with Emmy Harrington , Bobby Hankinson and Carly Ann Filbin

Whether you’re unlucky in love, totally in love, or just nervous about pronouncing “pre-fixe” out loud, this Valentine’s Day everyone’s invited to KISS & TELL. Skip the cheap champagne, drugstore chocolate and blood diamonds, and instead join three of NYC's sexiest comedians as they spill their hottest tips, biggest red flags and wildest romps.

Carly Ann Filbin (UCB), Bobby Hankinson (SiriusXM) and Emmy Harrington (Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), are here to be your Valentine, one-night stand or your ethically non-monogamous polyamorous triad. At KISS & TELL they take their tales from the sheets to the stage with jokes, interactive audience games, advice and even giveaways. Will love be in the air? Who cares! Let’s laugh!

Are they love experts? No. Definitely not. But they are willing to hold nothing back for your education and amusement. Whether you're a cynic, single, booed-up, tied-down, gal pals, gays, theys, all are welcome at this sexy night where the stories aren't the only ones getting happy endings. It’s a comedy show you guys!

Emmy Harrington

Emmy has performed as an improv, sketch, stand up comic and story teller for 10+ years. Her collaborators include Apatow Productions, Awkward Sex and the City, Gotham Comedy, and a variety of other live and web programers. She writes her own material and can be seen performing all around the city.

Her monthly comedy show SCORE: Interpreting Epic Cinema Through Comedy and Dance, dives deep into culture and laughter by hosting comedians who discuss epic films and then performing elaborate interpretive dances to those films’ scores. It is truly unlike anything you’ve ever seen and with coverage of four new films each month, she is rapidly making a her mark on audiences and the broader film canon alike.

Bobby Hankinson

Bobby Hankinson (he/him) is a Brooklyn-based writer, performer, creative and full-time homosexual. He founded Kweendom in 2015 as a live LGBTQ comedy and storytelling show, which TimeOut NY described as “consistently dope” and Thrillist called “extremely gay.” In addition to performing across the country, Bobby is pop-culture writer for leading LGBTQ website His work has appeared in the Boston Globe, Houston Chronicle, VICE, Gothamist and more. He shares his humble party palace with his partner/best friend, Nathan, and a 6lb. rescue dog named Carly Rae Jepsen.

His original pilot “The Commons” was named one of the Top 50 best original pilots of 2018 in Tracking Board’s Launch Pad Pilot Competition. Check out the webseries he co-created, Single Blonde Failure.

Carly Ann Filbin

Carly Ann Filbin is a comedian/writer/actor living in Brooklyn. She spends most of her time at the Upright Citizens Brigade, where she performs Let Me Break You Up: An Anti-Dating Game Show and This Doesn’t Mean I’m Your Boyfriend. Previous shows she’s written/starred in include Validate Me, Murder By Spirit Stick, and Young, Hot, Sluts. Binge watch her critically acclaimed web seres, Single Blonde Failure, and her series, Saved, on CNBC immediately after you read this.