Michael Kosta

Fri, Dec 15, 2023
Sat, Dec 16, 2023

Michael Kosta

with Elena Torres

Michael is a Senior Correspondent on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.Previously, he hosted and was the co-executive producer of The Comment Section for the E! Network.He is well known from his numerous late night appearances on The Tonight Show, Conan, Seth Meyers, and @midnight.Michael co-hosted Fox Sports 1’s Crowd Goes Wild opposite Regis Philbin and was a regular Correspondent for The Soup Investigates with Joel McHale.His one hour Comedy Central stand up special: MIchael Kosta: Detroit. NY. LA.premiered last December and is now streaming on Paramount +.Listen to his weekly podcast Tennis Anyone with Michael Kosta and watch his videos online at @MichaelKosta

Elena Torres

Elena is a Spanish American telenovela actress turned stand up comedian. No, that is not a joke. After several hit telenovelas in Mexico under her belt, she fell in love with a nice Jewish East Coast guy and realized her heart wasn’t in on-camera face slapping anymore.

So she took the next logical artistic step from doing melodrama in Spanish; she started performing stand up comedy in English. She threw out her telenovela push up bra, moved to the East Coast and has performed in venues all over the country like: DC Improv, Arlington Drafthouse, Carolines, Big Hunt, Broadway Comedy Club and many more. She also hosts the Arlington Drafthouse podcast 'CounterCurrents" and has a sketch page called Human Factor Comedy. (Ok ok, she didn’t throw out her push up bra – those things are expensive..…and they work wonders - but you get the idea. )